dinsdag 26 februari 2013

Wave nieuwsbrief januari 2013

In de Wave nieuwsbrief van januari vind u o.a. de volgende onderwerpen:

  •   Council of the European Union: Conclusions on Combating Violence Against Women
  •   Portugal & Albania ratify the Istanbul Convention
  •   The UN Post-2015 Development Agenda – A Critical Analysis
  •   Ending Violence Against Women: An Oxfam guide
  •   UNESCO: Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media
  •   Learning Resource Kit for Gender-Ethical Journalism
  •   Addressing Inter-linkages between Gender-based Violence & Trafficking
     Spain: Social Support and Attention for Immigrant Women in Madrid
  •  Victories over Violence: Ensuring Safety for Women and Girls - A practitioner's manual
  •  Moving in the Shadows - Violence in the Lives of Minority Women and Children 

  • Conference EMPoWER ‘Ending gender violence’, Italy / Padua 21-23 of February 2013
  • 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence – Campaign Highlights
  • One Billion Rising Campaign

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